Kamis, 13 Agustus 2015

There is No Reason

You lie to your self.
You say that you try not to love him again, but you realize that you cant do that.
I try my best to leave him, forget him, hate him. BUT, I cant. It doesnt work.
There's somethin make us to back again, without any logic reason.
Im sure I have try that thing.
But why? Why me and him always back togeda without any reason. Whyyyyy? :'(
Tonight I waste my tears for him.
I hv told him many times about this feelin, but He always make me like he didnt like me, he didnt know bout my feelin, he always act like he confuse about this condition.
If I can choose, and there's way to keep away from you, I take that way. Im sure.
But I try so many ways, and I failed. And the condition bring us back!!!
And I hate when you were try to make me feel fly but I know it juz your trick to treat me to make me happy. No! I dont want it, I juz want you to remember that you had to told me that you hv the same feeling like me. :'( 
But i dnt know if that statement juz your trick.
God, help me to solve this. I dnt want to waste my tears for someone that never understand me! That never thinking bout me! Honestly, it's so hurt :'(
And I want to forget about the pain.
I know that he choose her more than me, I know that! I realize it! And never cheating from it. And proof it! But i dont know what will happen then. The God's plan better than human's plan. If you beliefe you heart, it will be. 

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